Travel in Baguio Comfortably by Renting a Van

Travel in Baguio Comfortably by Renting a Van

Baguio City belongs to the Philippines’ most visited places mainly because of its unique geographical location that sets it apart from the rest in the country. Dubbed as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, Baguio’s high altitude and low temperature are the main reasons why tourists are enticed to visit this city.

When in Baguio, do stop by its historical landmarks and experience its distinct highland living. On top of your list should be the Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Philippine Military Academy and the Mines View Park. Other than that, immerse on the city’s local vibe at the Strawberry Farm and Baguio Botanical Garden and Wood Carver’s Village. These aren’t the only sights you can see in the city therefore it’s best to plan your itinerary ahead.

Apart from booking for hotels, knowing which tourist spots to visit to and packing up cold-proof clothes, it’s also important to contact a van for rent for Baguio. Since the only way to reach this city is by land, unless you can afford to ride a chartered plane, Baguio van rental services has always been a standard among travellers.

Most of the tourists that go to Baguio usually come from Manila and commuters generally opt for the scheduled buses on its respective stations. However, more and more travellers who go in groups find renting vans as more convenient and money-saving.

It’s CONVENIENT is a way that you’re able to decide your pickup location and your pickup time. Moreover, it’s safer as you get to limit the volume of passengers. Most of all, you know everyone that goes along with you.

It’s also MONEY-SAVING since if you’re travelling in a group of 8-10 people, there’s a small difference between commuting and renting a private van. What you’ll have in a private rented van are the comfort, safety and security that you can’t have in a public transportation. This setup is typically ideal for people travelling with kids, elderly or excess baggage.

The Manila to Baguio route takes about 8 hours and you want to ensure that you travel safely and comfortably. Baguio Van Rentals offer:

  • Professional Licensed Drivers
  • Spacious, Fully Air-conditioned Vehicles
  • Equipped Wifi and DVD/TV
  • Pickups/Drop-offs and Customized Tours

Baguio Van Rentals are negotiable and can also accommodate you during your city tour. Your rates depend on the distance of your travel and the days of your trip. Some can even go for a side trip on its neighbouring regions such as La Union and Ilocos. The privilege of renting a van in Baguio is that you’re able to maximize your trip by having more flexible options. There’s no need to follow bus station schedules, worry about your baggage or stress out on the large volume of passengers especially during peak seasons.

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